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Joseph Cross is the President of Cross Engineering Services headquartered in Lexington, South Carolina.  He is a Professional Civil Engineer licensed in 9 states, and has been serving clients for over 25 years throughout the Intermountain West and within states along the Eastern Seaboard.  He specializes in land development planning and engineering, infrastructure design and regulatory compliance.

Bryan Crisp

Bryan Schmutz’ is a principal engineer at CES.  His background includes a Masters of Engineering, Project Management Certification, and licenses in Utah and California.  He has provided design services for hundreds of commercial, residential, and public sector clients throughout the Intermountain West.

What we care about determines how we live and how we work

Persona Statement

A Personal Statement from the President of CES

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What we care about determines how we live and how we work.  The highest core value at CES that unifies our leadership and staff is our care for people.  We care about our staff, our clients, our families, our communities. The efforts we make to instill this higher value into everything we do define who we are as individuals and as a company.  They determine how we make and maintain our relationships, practice our professionalism on behalf of our clients, and support our commitment

to sustainability, the management and protection of resources as well as the preservation of our environment for the benefit of people now and in the future.

The privilege I have been given to lead the men and women of CES guided by our core values is a responsibility to see that excellence is upheld in everything we do.  If we fall short of this standard we will make it right. We take our commitments seriously and are grateful for every opportunity we are given.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly with needs or concerns, we value each relationship and appreciate every opportunity to show you what we can do.


Joseph W. Cross, P.E.


Cross Engineering Services

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