The Important of Safety in Any Build Project

With the burning of the historic Notre-Dame de Paris, we’re reminded of the importance of safety in any project. Part of Cross Engineering Services role is to provide onsite management and oversight of your construction project. Safety is paramount. Checkout this article from the Building Design + Construction network: At CES we provide quality assurance throughout the duration of a pr

Proper Utility Supply ~ Cross Engineering Services

Proper Utility Supply is an essential part of nearly every development. Whether potable water systems, sanitary sewer collection systems, electrical or natural gas systems, Cross Engineering Services has the engineering and modeling capability to ensure that the proper utility systems are designed to meet the needs of each development. We are certified in multiple states from the intermountain west to east coast. Let us sit down with you and help with your project. Contact us

Commercial and Residential Development Planning

Whether developing a commercial or residential site, enhancing or replacing public infrastructure, or planning another type of development, Cross Engineering Services can help set a proper course and oversee it through to completion. We provide feasibility studies, help with understanding scope of land use and evaluate costs of a construction project. Our goal is technical proficiency and quality production on a project. Contact us today for a bid and assessment of your next