Interesting Design

Interesting design concept by a college preparatory school in Florida. Talk about repurposing and refurbishing! We love seeing new ideas and creativity. #CESPROS #Refurbishing #Repurposing #Design

Water World Meets Eco Systems 2019

Cutting edge concepts in this article about "Oceanix City." The idea was shown as part of the first UN high-level roundtable on Sustainable Floating Cities. Talk about Water World Meets Eco Systems 2019. We're unsure how they will manage hurricanes or tidal issues, but the engineering alone in one of the systems would be interesting to see play out. Check out this article from Building Design & Construction about a sustainable floating city:

Crossing Engineering Services Designs and Supports Build Projects

"When it comes down to it, all buildings have things in common: the need for great design, engineering, construction, and management, when the structure is completed. Harmonizing those elements is a skill that translates to any building project you might have on your hands." ~ #BDCNetwork Check out this new Affordable Housing Project in the Bronx. Cross Engineering Services specializes in helping b