Interesting Design

Interesting design concept by a college preparatory school in Florida. Talk about repurposing and refurbishing! We love seeing new ideas and creativity. #CESPROS #Refurbishing #Repurposing #Design

Cross Engineering Services is a complete design-build construction firm

Cross Engineering Services is a complete design-build construction firm. We provide site civil engineering and infrastructure services ranging from design through project completion. With offices in South Carolina and Utah, Cross Engineering Services is a development planning and civil engineering company serving clients throughout the United States. We provide a wide range of development services including property evaluation and site inspection, rezoning and conditional use

The Important of Safety in Any Build Project

With the burning of the historic Notre-Dame de Paris, we’re reminded of the importance of safety in any project. Part of Cross Engineering Services role is to provide onsite management and oversight of your construction project. Safety is paramount. Checkout this article from the Building Design + Construction network: At CES we provide quality assurance throughout the duration of a pr

Proper Utility Supply ~ Cross Engineering Services

Proper Utility Supply is an essential part of nearly every development. Whether potable water systems, sanitary sewer collection systems, electrical or natural gas systems, Cross Engineering Services has the engineering and modeling capability to ensure that the proper utility systems are designed to meet the needs of each development. We are certified in multiple states from the intermountain west to east coast. Let us sit down with you and help with your project. Contact us

Cross Engineering Services and Structural Engineering

At Cross Engineering Services, we provide structural engineering services to clients who develop a wide variety of civil and building structures. Retaining walls are important development features that are incorporated into the site grading design. These walls provide structural support to hold back soil and integrate aesthetically with the building and surrounding features. CES designs masonry block walls, interlocking block screen walls, MSE walls, and boulder/rock walls. I

Water World Meets Eco Systems 2019

Cutting edge concepts in this article about "Oceanix City." The idea was shown as part of the first UN high-level roundtable on Sustainable Floating Cities. Talk about Water World Meets Eco Systems 2019. We're unsure how they will manage hurricanes or tidal issues, but the engineering alone in one of the systems would be interesting to see play out. Check out this article from Building Design & Construction about a sustainable floating city:

Cross Engineering Services strives for technical proficiency and quality production

At Cross Engineering Services we have been privileged to work with some great companies and organizations in the U.S. Quality engineering is a foundational bedrock in a strong construction project. We strive for technical proficiency and quality production in every project we undertake. We work with #Military Infrastructure, #commercial and restaurants, #community and #church developments and any project needing engineering and design or build support. For photos of our work

Commercial and Residential Development Planning

Whether developing a commercial or residential site, enhancing or replacing public infrastructure, or planning another type of development, Cross Engineering Services can help set a proper course and oversee it through to completion. We provide feasibility studies, help with understanding scope of land use and evaluate costs of a construction project. Our goal is technical proficiency and quality production on a project. Contact us today for a bid and assessment of your next

Crossing Engineering Services Designs and Supports Build Projects

"When it comes down to it, all buildings have things in common: the need for great design, engineering, construction, and management, when the structure is completed. Harmonizing those elements is a skill that translates to any building project you might have on your hands." ~ #BDCNetwork Check out this new Affordable Housing Project in the Bronx. Cross Engineering Services specializes in helping b

Churches Cross Engineering Services

At Cross Engineering Services we have been privileged to work with some great companies and organizations all over this great country; from companies like Biofire to Weinerschnitzel, non-profits and churches. Here's a list of our work. Fed / #Military Infrastructure – 12 locations #Commercial #Restaurants - 26 locations Shopping Center – 4 locations #Retirement Homes – 4 locations Big Box Retail – 22 locations #Sports / #Entertainment Venues – 2 locations Community / #Church

International Women's Day and Cross Engineering Services

Today is International Women's Day. We have decided to spotlight a woman who helped engineer the Brooklyn Bridge, Emily Warren Roebling. Though most commonly known for being the wife of Washington Roebling and for her role in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, Emily accomplished much more throughout her life, such as obtaining her law degree from New York University’s Women’s Law class which she had enrolled in 1899. To learn more about her, check out the museum in her

Cross Engineering Services and Development Planning

Civil Engineers work in multiple stages of a build project. Development Planning is the first and most important step in the development process. Evaluating the feasibility of a specific piece of land, understanding the optimal scope, scale and size of the intended use, and assessing all anticipated issues and costs, Cross Engineering Services will establish the proper trajectory for your project and guide its development and success. Whether developing a commercial or reside

The Leaning Tower of Pisa - Engineering Questions

"The Leaning Tower of Pisa has survived 500 years of earthquakes because of engineering and soil-structure interaction." A research team from Bristol's Department of Civil Engineering was invited to study the tower and how it has survived so long. Check out the details in this article from Science Daily: Proper engineering can help building structures last safely over time. Contact Cross Engineering Services for y

Cross Engineering Services Proudly Serves Servco and Hawkins Companies

Cross Engineering Services is proud to serve clients like Servco and Hawkins Companies. Check out our full client list at Contact us for a bid on your next project. #CESPROS #CivilEngineering #StructuralEngineering #Rezoning #DevelopmentPlanning

We are a Development Planning and Civil Engineering Company

Based in the Salt Lake City metro area, Cross Engineering Services is a development planning and civil engineering company serving clients throughout the Intermountain West and the Carolinas. We have provided a wide range of development services including property evaluation and site inspection, rezoning and conditional use permit entitlements, cost determination, site planning, lot layout and platting, civil and structural engineering, project management, permitting and cons

Aerospace Industry Support

Cross Engineering Services provides a wide range of Aerospace Industry Support including the United States Army UAV Grey Eagle. Here are some of the services we provide. Hangar Facilities Tow Roads Tarmacs Runways Water Distribution Wastewater Collection and Disposal Stormwater Conveyance and Storage Power Distribution Contact us today to learn more or have us send a bid for your next project based on RFP or scope of work. Go to for contact information

Construction and Foundations

"It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it's the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time." ~ David Allan Coe #CESPROS #Construction #Architecture #Quote

Rezoning for a Unique Building Project in Milwaukee

Milwaukee board approves rezoning for Western Hemisphere’s tallest mass timber building Mixed-use tower would rise 21 stories high. Check out this article from Building, Design Plus Construction about the engineering and architecture behind this structure:’s-tallest-mass-timber-building We love engineering and our part in design and build projects. Contact us today for more information about what

Site Civil Engineering and Public Infrastructure Design

Whether Site Civil Engineering or Public Infrastructure Design, Cross Engineering Services provides all levels of civil engineering. Here are some of our services: • Site Civil #Engineering • Public #Infrastructure Planning and Design • #Project Management • Grading and Drainage • Potable Water and Wastewater Design • Roadway #Improvements • Stormwater Facilities Design Contact is today to learn more or have us send a bid for your next project. Go to f